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The Decentralized Intelligence Agency

The Decentralized Intelligence Agency is a concept under development by The Intelligence Community LLC (TIC) which began with the founding of a LinkedIn group in 2008 and grew to a multi-layered and multi-platform human network of over 60k professionals around the world, with organic growth of over 1000 new members each month.

What unites the virtual community is a common desire to provide next generation security to the United States and our allies. We anticipate increasing complexity and constant demand for problem solvers, change agents and bridge builders in the years ahead.  No matter how good big data algorithms and AI become, we believe that curating the human network remains extremely important.  We cultivate a highly entrepreneurial community and host events that bridge cultural gaps between agencies, companies, and sectors.

TIC is a US veteran owned small business in the national capital region.  We operate as an organizing force for the virtual community and look for ways to offer the community as a capacity building asset to US government agencies and private sector partners.  Current areas of focus for TIC are covered on .  Our three primary areas of focus right now are niche staffing, advertising, and focus groups (crowd sourcing), but we are working with a number of clients on custom solutions in big data, open source analysis, business development (B2B and B2G), and mobile app support.

As we grow and explore the idea of becoming a decentralized intelligence agency, we welcome your ideas and questions.



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