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Part 1 in a Series on Civility

I have been thinking about the importance of civility lately, especially in virtual communities. I have been saying since 2008 that virtual worlds need virtuous leaders just like any other world or perhaps even more.

For part 1 of this series (not sure how many parts I will write just yet), here are some trends that I have seen on the internet and in our LinkedIn group, “The Intelligence Community“:

1. Sometimes trolls are actually the most polite because they are waiting for the right time to do something destructive, or they maintain multiple fake profiles that go dormant for a long period of time
2. Sometimes highly qualified, real people are the most negative because they have egos
3. Sometimes the most vocal people are actually not industry practitioners, because they are either retired, unemployed, or just in a fan club
4. Any conversation that starts to get negative generally gets worse quickly if left unmoderated (Google “Godwin’s Law” for a laugh)
5. Some of the most civil, relevant, and educated people choose to stay off LinkedIn or only maintain a minimum profile because they are afraid of it becoming a time suck
6. Because of #5, many of the greatest professional contacts actually have poorly constructed LinkedIn profiles and undeveloped LinkedIn etiquette

The good news is that we are all moving in the right direction …


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