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Part 2 in a Series on Civility

Free speech is great until it drowns out wisdom and virtue.

The information age is great if you need information. It makes no guarantees on the quality of that information.

Anonymity is great if you need to escape the thumb of an oppressive regime, but anonymity can also be used to take down a stable, free state.

Transparency and accountability are great until they create lawsuit-juggernauts that bring bureaucracies to a grinding halt.

Rants should be tolerated, but not celebrated.

Satire can be helpful to shed light on societal problems, but it is the first salvo in a fight, not the opening word of peace talks.

Love of fellow human beings is in short supply. Whatever goodwill there is between strangers is quickly sapped by careless posts to social media.

Civil people censor themselves inside the chest because so much has become public. They wait for the proper time to speak their perspective with respect and love.

We have all become public personas and should learn from the best. Who is one public figure from history that you respect?



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