Speeches about public speaking…

… might all seem like pyramid schemes to you, but are, if done well, the proper entry points into the process of content creation.  Content creation, if I may say so, is a rather bland descriptor.  Really, what we are talking about is story telling – telling human stories about human things.  How do humans achieve success?  How do humans achieve happiness?  How do humans achieve security?  How have they done it in the past and how will they do it in the future? Any product or service being offered to a human must be marketed according to how it fits into the human story.  Human story telling requires both art and science, depending on a certain amount of discipline, but also on talent and the muse.

The great demand for stories (i.e. Netflix binges) or products with stories attached (i.e. infomercials), seems fairly constant if not increasing.  This creates a constant demand for content creators who understand how to tell a good human story.

Art is the language of the soul


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