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Upward Mobility & the American Dream

Upward mobility toward what?  The right to pursue happiness often (in my opinion) leads human beings downward, not upward.  And yet that right is a good thing (also, in my opinion).

Progress (and dare I say progressivism) implies varying degrees of “the good life”.  We come from some origin and work toward some end with many potential improvements along the way.  The American Dream depends heavily on this Enlightenment premise, that there is in fact a good life to pursue, or that is even worth pursuing.  To deny this possibility is to negate any reason behind the word “progress”.

So what does that look like today?  What is the American Dream in 2015?  What are we progressing towards, both personally, and nationally?

I submit that the American Dream is alive and well among the entrepreneurial and hard working.  Financial success alone is not enough in this equation.  There must be both success + significance to = happiness.  How you define success and significance is up to you, but Maslow’s self actualization piece is still pretty important to the pie.

There must be both
success + significance to = happiness.

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